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Resolution House Inc.
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Resolution House plaque

Booking Us: Terms and Procedures

Booking with Resolution House Inc. is easy. Send us an e-mail or call us with the date(s), start time and duration required. For litigious matters, please add the names of the parties/style of cause and the names of counsel representing the parties. Your request will be answered promptly. If you need other information, please call and we will be happy to assist you. Once a date has been selected, your booking will be confirmed in writing, usually by e-mail, including terms and conditions of the booking and the applicable fee schedule, forwarded to all party representatives. In some cases, including where parties are not represented by counsel, advance deposits are required. Resolution House Inc. clients are welcome to request process assistance at any time, whether it be regarding the preparation of mediation briefs or other questions.

Mandatory (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Rule 24.1) Mediations

Resolution House has provided mandatory mediation services in Ottawa since 1996. Information about these mediations, governed by Rule 24.1 under the Courts of Justice Act and sometimes referred to as Court-connected mediations, may be found at Ian Szlazak offers professional mediation services for cases in the mandatory stream under a fee schedule which has been developed to suit these mediations and be responsive to cost concerns. Parties or counsel wishing to book a mandatory mediation may do so by sending a request to booking will be confirmed promptly by e-mail or alternate means, if necessary, addressed to all counsel/representatives.

Private Mediations

Private mediations of both litigious and non-litigious matters are governed by the applicable fee schedule, which is dependant upon the length of time booked and the location of the mediation. Interested parties or counsel may call or e-mail Resolution House Inc. and the applicable fee schedule, including all terms and conditions, will be forwarded. Upon confirmation of a booking, the parties or their representatives will be sent the Resolution House Inc. Mediation Agreement, along with a Mediation Fee Agreement, which must be signed and returned in order to secure the booking. It is recommended that all parties to a private mediation review the Guidance pages (Choosing a Mediator - The Mediation Process and Preparing Yourself for Mediation), on this website.

Cancellations and Adjournments

Cancellations and adjournments of mediations and other interventions are subject to charges that are specified when bookings are made. These charges are applied in situations where a lost work opportunity is incurred that cannot be recovered in the time available. Request for scheduling changes for mediations should be forwarded in writing without delay to Resolution House Inc. Changes in appointed mediator are subject to our consent. Such changes are subject to charges.

Payment Policy

The Resolution House Inc. payment policy for the majority of interventions, unless substantial disbursements are required, is to bill immediately after services are provided, irrespective of whether the account is a final one or an interim one. However, where substantial disbursements are made, (some of which may not be refundable), where substantial preparatory commitments must be made by Ian Szlazak or where there has been no previous relationship with Resolution House Inc., prepayments or retainers may be required. MSM mediations are significantly different in character from other types of mediation and accordingly, they are governed by their own fee schedule and terms and conditions.

Payments are due immediately upon receipt of our invoice and in no case later than 30 days from the provision of services. Late payments are subject to interest and billing administration charges. In some cases, payment may be made in US or other currencies, but only with the prior written agreement of Resolution House.

To book a mediation or other service, please contact Ian Szlazak at



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