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Links We Like

There is a lot of information on alternative/appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) and related areas out there, but not all of it is easy to find. If you are doing research or are interested in learning more about ADR, here, alphabetically arranged, are some sites that we think are worthwhile. By no means is this a comprehensive list.

Favourites - American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

Comment: This vibrant Section, one of the largest in the ABA, has excellent annual conferences. This site is a good source of ADR information and contacts. - Association for Conflict Resolution, Washington D.C. This organization is dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.

Comment: Formerly known to many by the acronym –SPIDR”, now known as ”ACR”, this larger, merged organization is a great place to find out what is going on in the ADR world. - the ADR Institute of Ontario Inc. (ADR Ontario) is one of six affiliates of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. (ADR Canada), a non-profit organization that shares information, promotes ideas for continuous improvement and upgrading of ADR as a profession. - Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, under whose aegis the mandatory mediation program is maintained. This site has detailed information on everything from Rule 24.1 to contact information for mediators in Ontario, and more.

Comment: If litigation-related mandatory mediation is of interest, this site is for you. - The County of Carleton Law Association, Ottawa, Canada

Comment: Good local (Ottawa) site to visit for links to legally-related information, caselaw, contacts and so on. - CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (formerly CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution and The Centre for Public Resources), New York.

Comment: CPR's mission is to install ADR into the mainstream of corporate law department and law firm practice, using an integrated agenda of research and development, education, advocacy and dispute resolution. It is one of the leading proponents of self-administered ADR, that is, dispute resolution managed by the parties and a highly-qualified neutral. Ian Szlazak is one of the few Canadians to have been invited to be on the CPR International Panel of Distinguished Neutrals, upon which he served from 2003-05. - Jossey Bass Publishing Company

Comment: Noting that this is not a plug for Jossey Bass, it is hard to imagine anyone as being well read or read at all in ADR without having read at least a few of the books referred to on this site. It is one of the largest listings of books on "conflict resolution" that are currently for sale. - Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, an applied research centre committed to improving the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution.

Comment: The marriage of academic research and practical, applied experience is a key element of ADR, helping to make it so alive and responsive to challenges. Good books and materials site for practitioners.

Other Sites - the American Arbitration Association site. - the Department of Justice, Government of Canada site, which features a section on statutes, which is most helpful for the researcher. - an up-to-date listing of Canadian law firms, judges and lawyers (over 53,000 and counting!). - site of the Canadian Legal Information Institute, featuring a comprehensive collection of Canadian legislation and caselaw, sometimes described as a "virtual law library". - index of legal resources. - information on labour, employment and human rights law, as well as a listing of Canadian labour arbitrators, including Ian Szlazak. - for those who are interested in receiving weekly e-mail notifications of the latest Supreme Court of Canada decisions, you may want to visit this well-organized law firm website and sign up. - more legal information. - The Law Society of Upper Canada, a.k.a. Ontario, Canada, primarily of interest to lawyers. - the wonderful and informative website of the Right to Quiet Society, a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to promoting quiet in what seems to be an evermore deafening world, where much noise has less to do with community and information-sharing and more to do with discourteous and selfish behaviour. Resolution House promotes careful and active listening in its interventions and supports the concept that all of us deserve time and space for quiet, where we might reflect on what we heard when we were listening.


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