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Curriculum Vitae [ Return to Curriculum Vitae ]
Dispute Resolution Training and Continuing Education

(Note: Numbers in parentheses are course/program length in hours)

  1. Negotiation Workshop (Fisher), Harvard Law School, Boston (40).

  2. Advanced Negotiation Workshop (Patton et al), Harvard Law School, Boston (40).

  3. Mediation Workshop, CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado (40).

  4. Third Party Neutral, Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution (CICR), Ottawa (24).

  5. Dispute Resolution Systems Analysis and Design, Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiations (CIIAN), Ottawa (24).

  6. Arbitration, Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario (AMIO), Ottawa (40).

  7. Ombudsman 101, The Ombudsman Association, Baltimore, Maryland (20).

  8. Advanced Training Workshop, The Network-Interaction for Conflict Resolution, Toronto (16).

  9. Negotiating and Drafting Clauses in Commercial Agreements, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto (8).

  10. Negotiation - Can You Trust Your Instincts? Law Society of Upper Canada, Ottawa (4).

  11. Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Toronto (8).

  12. Dispute Resolution, Without Prejudice and Law Society of Upper Canada, Ottawa (4).

  13. Effective Client Representation in ADR Process - Settling Disputes in the 90s, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto (8).

  14. Mediation Training Workshop, Education Relations Commission (ERC), St. Catherines (16).

  15. Human Rights Mediation (Private Sector Provider), Ontario Human Rights Commission, Toronto (12).

  16. Labour Arbitrator Development Program, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Toronto (32).

  17. Dispute Analysis and Process Design Workshop (Hoffman), Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.M.), Toronto (32).

  18. Advanced Mediation Workshop (Menkel-Meadow), Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.M.), Toronto (32).

  19. Culture, Diversity and Power in Dispute Resolution (Le Baron), Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.M.), Toronto (32).

  20. LL.M. course and workshop portion (Emond), Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto (104).

  21. Individual projects of study associated with the LL.M. program, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, resulting in research papers on partnering (construction industry and beyond); Court-connected, mandatory mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms in the Ontario Court General Division, Ottawa; and a guide on mediation for users and representatives.

  22. Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, 27th Annual Conference (1999), Baltimore (8).

  23. Association for Conflict Resolution, 1st International Conference (2001), Toronto (Speaker) (16).

  24. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, 4th Annual Spring Conference (2002), Seattle (20).

  25. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, 5th Annual Spring Conference (2003), San Antonio (20).

  26. CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, Annual Meeting (2004), New York (8).

  27. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, 9th Annual Spring Conference (2007), Washington, D.C. (20).

  28. Civilian Peace Service Canada/Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution/Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiations/McMaster Centre for Peace Studies/TRANSCEND International Institute, Peace as a Profession in the 21st Century Conference (2007), Ottawa (18).

  29. Centre for Conflict Education and Research, Carleton University, Advanced Practice Workshop- The Heart of Conflict Resolution (Mayer) (2007), Ottawa (16).

  30. Family Mediation Training (Goodwin, Macdonald and Malpass), (2007), Ottawa (40).

  31. Abuse Training (Malpass), (2008), Ottawa (16).

  32. Elder Mediation International Network, Inaugural World Summit and Symposium on Elder Mediation (2008), Ottawa (20).

  33. Association for Conflict Resolution, 8th Annual Conference (2008), Austin (Speaker) (20).

  34. Centre for Conflict Education and Research (Carleton University), Ontario Association for Family Mediation (Ottawa), Family Mediation Canada, Thinking About Family Conflict Through the Lens of "Cares and Threats" (Picard) (2008), Ottawa (3).

  35. ADR Institute of Ontario, Practical Ethics for Working Mediators, online course (2014).

  36. ADR Institute of Ontario, Mental Health and ADR (2017), Toronto (4).

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